The Dust Clears on the MPL PH Season 2 Group Stage

December 10, 2018

Cheers to the Valiant Group Stage Warriors

It’s been a long six weeks of group stage action for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 2, but we finally have our final eight combatants ready to take the next stage by storm. All of the ten combatants in the group stage fought valiantly across the six group stage rounds as they fought for one of the eight limited slots for the coveted playoffs stage and the right to fight for the largest share of the tournament’s massive prize pool. We’ve all seen them fight their hearts out on the one mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) they love, but sadly, there can only be eight finalists in the LAN event set to take place early in 2019. It won’t be a pleasant Christmas season for the eliminated teams who will have to wait for their next chance in the next ML:BB tournaments, but the eight finalists can kick off their celebrations with the security of their spots in the playoffs firmly intact.

BREN Esports locked in their firm foothold on the first spot of the tournament’s group stage ladder and besides dropping two series across the entire stage, they have never faltered from standing atop the rest of the competition. Cignal Ultra came close to usurping the first seed spot from BREN as they both tacked on a 7-2 group stage standing, but BREN’s record won out by a mere 2 points, catapulting them to an assured first seed spot heading into the playoffs.  BREN and Cignal were among the teams expected to finish the group stage at the top of the pack, and these two have definitely lived up to the expectations set upon them especially given their prior experience competing in the MPL.

Aether Main rose up in the ranks towards the end of the group stage landing them firmly in third place. They managed to drop three of their matches across the group stage but they lived up to the honor of the new team name they carry as they fought back their way to a third place finish. ArkAngel Ownage and Execration found themselves tied for the fourth place position with 16 points each. Execration started out the group stage in contention for the first place position alongside BREN Esports, but managed to drop a few key games along the way that landed them smack dab in the middle of the heap. ArkAngel Own had a rocky group stage but found success beyond their sister team as they tied with one of the tournament favorites.

Finesse Solid, Arkangel Wicked Minds, and SxC IMBA round out the final three competitors in the playoffs stage barely managing to avoid elimination from the tournament. WRS Alliance and HappyFeet  will both be unfortunately making their formal exit from the tournament as they failed to make it out of the 9th and 10th places, extinguishing their chances and hopes of taking home the championship title of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 2.

Ten teams entered the MPL PH Season 2, and now only eight teams remain in the running for the championship title and the massive cash prize. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang action will simmer down during the holidays, but each team will be preparing for their big moment in January 2019 when they will be summoned once more to the MPL stage where they can prove that they are the best ML:BB teams in front of a live audience. The group stage may have concluded, but the MPL PH Season 2 fight is far from over, not until an undisputed champion is crowned and all battles are settled.

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