Paving the Way Towards an Action Packed MPL PH Season 2 Finals

December 19, 2018

Heading into the Final Round

We’re officially a few weeks away from the Grand Finals for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 2, and with the tournament taking a short break over the holidays we have a brief respite to take a look at the tournament as a whole. The second season of the biggest National ML:BB featured the return of several top teams that reigned gloriously in the tournament’s first season. The first season flaunted teams battling it out for the top spot, with the first iteration of Aether Main almost running away with the entire competition. This current season gave the newer teams and players targets to take down, the top teams from the tournament’s first season and arguably the most experienced players in the Philippines today.

Taking down any one of the big three teams that have all returned to the MPL PH stage, with each of them fighting currently fighting under a new banner compared to their allegiance in the first season, would have big implications for any team that managed to pull off the feat. One key example from the group stage was Finesse Solid‘s masterful team play that dealt a crushing blow to the near-immortal BREN Esports early on the regular season. Finesse Solid is a new team gracing the MPL PH pantheon, and they were definitely eager to prove their skills when it mattered most. They did so by handing the defending champions, BREN, their first ever series loss in the series. This series win for an underdog shattered all preconceptions of a possible one-sided league, with teams like BREN Esports taking hold of the reins and running away with the entire competition. Finesse Solid had their moment in the limelight after their commanding 2-1 victory over the reigning MPL PH champions and the current best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team in the Philippines.

The remaining top teams in the league also experienced their fair share of upsets as the new challengers to the scene set out to make a name for themselves. Even the struggling HappyFeet managed to take a series win over Cignal Ultra before making their tournament exit along with WRS Alliance.  Not all group stage teams were meant to make it out of the group stage unscathed, but their failure to qualify for the Playoffs is not indicative of their impact on the tournament as a whole.

The stakes have been raised in the second season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines. The occasional stumbles of the once-perceived unbeatable ML:BB teams in the country is proof that the level of competition in the tournament has been elevated to the next level. There is absolutely no telling which team will make it to the end of MPL PH Season 2. BREN Esports, Cignal Ultra, and Execration, may all be some of the toughest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams in the country, but the newer teams in the league are no slouches either. Teams like Finesse SolidSxC Imba, and the new Aether Main lineup, can all potentially shake up the tournament in its final stage. The Grand Finals will take place in Makati in January 2019, and I for one am excited to watch more top-level Mobile Legends: Bang Bang action.

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