HappyFeet Deals Devastating Blow to Cignal Ultra

December 3, 2018

Beware the unpredictable underdogs

We’re rounding out the fifth week of the regular season in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 2. The teams are in a mad dash to earn every advantage they can take with the hopes being among the squads in the ultimate finals event in January 2019. There’s only one week remaining for the teams to leave their lasting mark on the group stage to show that they deserve to be in the finals event.

Leading the pack are some familiar squads that have done well to distinguish themselves from the competition. BREN Esports, SXC IMBA, and Execration remained locked in a heated battle for the top spot with Cignal Ultra slowly inching their way from the middle rungs of the ladder. The tournament is not without it’s low points given that some teams have performed less than admirably in the weeks-long group stage that have has come to pass. There’s little chance for bottom teams to make it to the finals as each defeat gets them closer to elimination. White Rascals Alliance, Happy Feet, and ArkAngel Wicked Minds occupy the opposite end of the spectrum from the trinity of ML:BB kings at the top of the MPL PH Season 2 ladder.

The bottom teams are not fighting for top spots, their sights are merely locked on their very survival. One slip up could mean the difference between the dreaded off-season, or the chance to upset the higher powers and take home the second MPL PH championship crown.  Every win matters and time is running for all of the teams involved in the biggest national Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament.

HappyFeet faced off against a seemingly insurmountable hurdle in the second day of the group stage’s fifth week. They were tasked with taking on Cignal Ultra, one of the toughest teams in the tournament and the country, as they fight for their very survival in the tournament. HF stood at a dismal 1-5 standing, with only one win to their name earning them their 9th place position. The 8th seeded Arkangel.WM was nearby in points but it would take a lot of effort from the obviously struggling HF to even earn the chance at a slot in the playoffs.

It was literally do-or-die for HappyFeet as they went into their match against the fourth seeded Cignal Ultra. Cignal was comfortably sitting with a 5-1 standing, a mere three points away from the top of the ladder. It would be no exaggeration to say that HappyFeet had their work cut out for them especially given their dismal performance in the group stage so far.

Not many were expecting HappyFeet to show up and show a little more fight in their game, but they delivered in a big way. In a manner similar to Finesse Solid‘s momentous upset victory over BREN Esports early in the tournament, HappyFeet seemingly came out of nowhere with a swift 1-2 punch that earned them a clean 2-0 victory over Cignal Ultra. HappyFeet pulled off quick early game skirmishes that weathered down the fourth seeded Cignal Ultra. It was over in almost a blink of an eye. Cignal attempted their best defense against the rampaging HappyFeet but the penguins had already decided the series with their terrific macro calls and team fight coordination.

HappyFeet’s amazing victory has reignited their hopes of making it to the playoffs stage at the expense of a bruised and battered Cignal Ultra. There’s still one week left in the group stage, leaving HappyFeet plenty of ample time to make their way to the playoffs stage. We may be nearing the end of the group stage, but absolutely no team can take it easy as complacency can be their one-way ticket to watching the playoffs from the audience bleachers. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 2 continues next week with the exciting conclusion of the group stage!

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