Dissecting Finesse Solid’s Amazing Win Over BREN Esports

November 12, 2018

Taking the Country’s Best ML:BB Team to the Wire

Finesse Solid, one of the competing teams in the second season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines, has been putting up an impressive showing in the tournament in the current three week-run of the group stage. Each team in the league is still hard pressed to tack on notable accolades to distinguish themselves from the pack along with claim each win they can possibly get to increase their chances of making it to the coveted Playoffs stage. There will no abundance of chances for the teams to make their esports dreams come true, only the absolute best squads will earn the right to fight against the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams in front of a live crowd at the Grand Finals event in January. Finesse Solid is one such team that has succeeded in starting a conversation about them, no one will be overlooking FNs after their impressive feat in the second day of the Group Stage’s third week.

Finesse Solid was slated to face off against the league leaders, BREN Esports in their final series for Week #3. Going up against the tournament favorites would no doubt be the cause of anxiety as BREN continued to dominate each matchup in their path towards the Playoffs. FNs however surprised all when they came out strong in the series to earn an early 1-0 series lead against BREN.

Each game win in a short best-of-three series is crucial, and Finesse Solid just dealt a strong opening blow against arguably the toughest squad in the entire competition. BREN was not about to let the rampaging Finesse get away with scoring a clean 2-0 win over them as they bounced back in the second game of the series to force the entire matchup into a crucial game three decider.

Finesse Solid fielded in a strong initiate composition built around a Karrie Marksman Carry for their player, Karl. FNs compensated for falling early in gold in the third game by focusing on their map-wide skirmishes that would earn them advantages bit by bit. One crucial team fight at only the 2:30 mark in the game shifted the game’s favor entirely towards Finesse. Staying true to their namesake, Finesse pulled off an elegant counter engage to contest a Turtle take early in the game, turning a three-man knockup into a 4 for nothing exchange. This early advantage was utilized by FNs to steamroll their way towards the end of the game.

Finesse continued their masterful use of their initiate composition as they systematically picked off one BREN Esports player after another. By the ten minute mark, Finesse Solid was sitting comfortably on a daunting 12-4 kill lead over the struggle BREN Esports. It was only a matter of time before Finesse Solid dealt the final blow against the once immortal BREN. BREN Esports managed to hold the fort for a while, zoning out FNs’ siege attempts, but it was ultimately fruitless as Finesse Solid regrouped to deal the final blow to their enemy’s base. Finesse Solid walk away with a commanding 21-5 victory in the third game, and more importantly, a 2-1 victory over BREN Esports. Keep an eye out for Finesse Solid as the Group Stage of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 2 rages on!

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